Fifth Anniversary Trip- (Warning- not a farm post!)

This is a post about our fifth wedding anniversary trip- I was trying to find something we could do that would be unique and a little romantic but could be accomplished near our home as I had to work until 8:00 AM Saturday morning, and we both had to be back at 8:00 Monday morning.  So after many months of considering this problem we decided on Sequim!
I found a very nice bed and breakfast there overlooking the water and decided to hike the Dungeness Spit to the historic lighthouse there.  I have been to the spit but never made it to the end (or even close).  It’s 5.5 miles each way hiking on sand.  I tried to warn Tom that it’s a tough hike even though it’s flat.  It don’t think he appreciated what I was trying to say until the end of the hike at high tide.  Anyway, below are photos of the hike out to the lighthouse and back.

The spit with Mount Baker in the background.
Reaching the lighthouse.
Hiking back with the Olympic Peninsula northern coastline in the background.
The cake we found when we checked into the Domaine Madeleine B&B
Our room there- very nice and comfortable.
An older farm off Louella Road on the meandering drive after an amazing breakfast.
A cool retro boat in Port Townsend.  There was a rod run in Port Angeles the weekend we were there so saw a lot of cool autos on the roads.  We spent the afternoon in Port Townsend before our reserved ferry back supposedly at 8:30.  A wind picked up and we were told when we got in the ferry line at 7:30 that the puddle-jumper ferry was running about 1 hour late because of it.  Then 3 hours later we were told that they cancelled all the ferry runs because of it.  We were given a “refund” which was a voucher for another Port Townsend ferry which expires in 1 week (so is completely worthless to us), and we drove quickly to Kingston were we caught the last Edmonds ferry by the skin of our teeth- it was just a few minutes late.  We snoozed a little on the ferry and managed to stay awake and arrived home at 1:00 AM- got to bed (after checking critters) at 1:30 and woke up at 6 to start the work week.

So at this point I am not sure this was a good trip to take.  I am hoping as the sleep deprivation wears off it will have been a memorable trip.  Hopefully more so that staying at home and going out to a nice dinner.
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2 Responses to Fifth Anniversary Trip- (Warning- not a farm post!)

  1. Michelle says:

    Happy anniversary! Your trip looks and sounds very nice; I’d vote that it’s better than staying at home and eating out. My trip to Mexico was similar; amazing time there and great memories, but the craziness on either side to make it possible makes you wonder if it’s worth it!

  2. Donna says:

    Thanks- I’m hoping that’s the way I’ll vote with time too!

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