Sheep, sun and dogs

These are Moll and Tanya- my relatively new Gotland-Finn sheep that I received as a promised Christmas present from my wonderful husband.  Tanya was small when I got her so they are in with my skinny sheep getting extra nutrition, and she is making good gains.  I am really looking forward to playing with their wonderful wool and maybe breeding Moll next year.

We have been having a very nice, sunny, warm September.  This is welcome because otherwise my green beens and corn would not have ripened.  I still am not holding out much hope for the tomatoes, cucumber and squash because of our incredibly cool, wet late spring.  We’ll see.  In addition to the garden vegetable plants, the dogs are also enjoying the nice weather!
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2 Responses to Sheep, sun and dogs

  1. Franna says:

    Wow! Look how Tanya’s grown! I’m so glad to see how well she’s doing. Now we’ll just have to get you a GotlandX ram to use next year. 🙂Franna

  2. Donna says:

    I’m glad you can see she’s grown. I thought she had, but it’s harder to notice when you see her everyday. I was comparing her to our Shetland lamb Jet and could see she was outgrowing her- particularly in height. I’ll need a ram or coordinate AI next year- one or the other. By the way, there’s a gorgeous Orkney Pi shawl on the Yahoo EZasPi group made from handspun Gotland wool that is gorgeous. Those of you on that list should check it out! Can’t wait to make one from my sheep!!!!

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