More autumn preparations

On this beautiful sunny October day we did more preparations for the upcoming winter.  While I was rotating the cows for the second to the last time, Tom pulled a homemade bridge from the back of the property with the tractor and placed it over our field ditch near a main gate.  This bridge had been built by my step son over the back ditch but wasn’t being used.  I thought it would help keep the mud down if all the critters (including us!) used it instead of walking through the draining ditch.  As you can see below, the sheep took right to it.

Then I noticed that the goats were sneaking their heads through the hog panel underneath a rabbit hutch and eating the stored bales of hay there.  No wonder they are fat!   So while I was moving the hutch and getting tools, I noticed Candy was teasing our buck Cody.  Poor guy, but he’ll get to entertain female goats soon enough.
So I put up another piece of hog panel over the old one with plastic ties (love those ties!).  Now the openings are smaller and so far the goat heads can’t make it through.  So I am smarter than a goat still.
Then I tied the hay elevator onto the roof rafters.  If the goats do access the hay bales again there is a danger they could fall and the elevator with them.  So I use baling twine to tie it up so if the bales fall or are used for feed, the elevator stays put.
While I am doing this, the dogs are sunning themselves- pretty lazy dogs…

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