When It Rains, It Pours……….Literally

So I come home from a long shift of sleepless work and find this:

A flooded barn…..with 8 inches of water……Yeah!!!!!  

From snippets of news I heard that there was 3 inches of rain yesterday and 4 more expected today.  I first moved the animals that live on the ground on this side of the barn- 5 sheep, 5 goats and a hen with her chicks.  The rabbits in elevated hutches I left.  The stalls are so far not flooded so the goats went in the pen that normally houses the chicken food- they are not thrilled.

Then I considered my options and called Tom who is on a sheep delivery/hunting trip with the truck.  I have no way of getting straw since I have my compact commuter car, and I can’t have anything delivered since a truck couldn’t get within a football field’s distance of the barn with the flooded pasture.  So I ran to the closest feed store with my little car (and my muddy knees) and asked them to fill it up with bags of shavings.  Now nine bags of shavings are on the water in the barn (surprised that much would fit in my little car!).  Although a lot of it is just floating on the water- hopefully it will absorb some anyway and elevate the level of the barn floor so less water is inclined to seep in.  We will see if this works and see what four more inches brings in!
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