The end of breeding sheep and flooding

I was going to blog about my least favorite time of the year- removing the ewes from the rams and putting the rams back together again.  We put the two rams into a pen with tires to minimize the velocity.  It seems to be working fairly well.  Jocko, our older ram, seems to be holding his own, and the bleeding is less this year.

We had to remove the ewes first though.  We had three visiting ewes still here because of the snow.  They were not too cooperative when we caught them and “lead” them to the truck for transport back home.  This ewe has perfected the “flop in the mud” technique of sheep resistance.
But now it has rained and rained and rained, and we have flooding!  This is a photo of our front fields:
The water is 10 feet from our hay barn (with 8 tons inside) and 25 feet from the animal barn.  We walked out back to check out the back ditch.  It is overflowing its banks onto the back fields as well.  We moved the cows closer to the barn and gates in case we need to evacuate them and tried to fill the breaches as best we could.  This is a photo from the back of the fields toward the front:
Here’s the water flowing out of the ditch toward our field.

Then we dropped off my car to get tires that won’t hydroplane as much.  While we were waiting for the tires we found a local church in Allen with sand and bags and filled about 20 of them for the hay barn.  The streets of Allen were covered in water.  There was a rubber duck floating down the middle of the road- Chuckanut Drive- and the local espresso stand had a sign “No Wake Zone”.  At least they have  a sense of humor in Allen while they are sandbagging! 
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8 Responses to The end of breeding sheep and flooding

  1. Michelle says:

    May that precious hay stay dry!

  2. Donna says:

    As of 5:30 this morning the water was lapping one inch up the side of the barn. But as of now Tom says it has receeded to 25 feet away from it. And no more rain so far this morning so it looks like we barely dodged a bullet!

  3. Dave says:

    Glad that the water stayed out of your barn !!!!!

  4. Donna says:

    Thanks! We are definitely glad too! It was touch and go there for a while.

  5. inSheepsClothing says:

    I just noticed your shop with the Schoonover Farm merchandise- Pretty neat! How did you set that up?

  6. Donna says:

    Hello Denise,I just went to, click on “create custom T-shirts and more”, and set it up for free- you can download your own photos onto their products. It’s pretty easy to figure it out and fun too!

  7. Jackie craw says:

    Wow Jocko is still around! He must be pretty old by now.

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