Barn roof rafter raising

So this has been an eventful week in the barn repair department. Tom and I have been working hard this week building rafters for the barn. We had help from our goat kids- this is PeeWee giving a hand (or a hoof):

Here’s all the rafter’s done in the rafter staging area (previously called the hay loft):
Here’s Tom holding up a test rafter:
Here’s our Sunday “crew” (cheap labor) putting up some of the rafters:
Here’s the purlins going on:
Here’s the barn after a long week:
Now let the roofing begin!

INJURY UPDATE: I had not done any updates because all there was to report is every muscle and joint in our bodies aching and random hammer-smushed fingers. Tom got shingles where his tool belt was rubbing (not sure if that counts as an injury or not). Then Thursday after working all night and then making rafters all day, I fell in the shower hard (again not sure if this is a barn related event). My leg swelled like nothing I have every experienced and I could not walk (much less make rafters) on Friday. By Saturday I was hobbling around again and now I just have a huge ugly bruise to show for it. The “crew” only experienced one bad smushed finger from a sledge hammer. So all and all no major damage done.
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2 Responses to Barn roof rafter raising

  1. sheepsclothing says:

    Sorry to hear about all the aches and pains- but the barn is lookin’ good!- we noticed your progress from the road as we zipped by the other day-

  2. Donna says:

    Thanks! At least now it feels like we are making progress.

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