Winterizing the herds

So we stopped working on the barn for a long day to winterizing- the critters that is. The first step is shearing the animals that need it before the cold temperatures hit. There’s 5 sheep that need shearing twice per year: our double-coated mioget sheep (before and after)and our Finn-Gotland sheep.

Then there are our fiber goats that need twice per year shearing: our Angora goats
and our Cashmere (before and after).

Then all of the sheep need crutched,
all the sheep, goats and cows need Nasalgen vaccine,
all the sheep and goats need their hooves trimmed,
and the breeding rams and bucks need their junk checked.

Now with sorer backs we can work on the barn some more- yeah!!!
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2 Responses to Winterizing the herds

  1. Garrett808 says:

    oh my goodness I just love your enthusiasm! wait…enthusiastic sarcasm?

    I am not looking forward to hoof trimming of 100 sheep. yikes…

  2. Donna says:

    We did a total of 60 sheep and goats- it’s a lot of work!

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