Escape from Farmcatraz and sunny goats

On Saturday I decided to take on a project I have been thinking about for a while. That is putting up electric net fencing in the front-near pasture and moving the ducks out of the pheasant pen for the fall/winter. This should improve the pasture as I noticed that where I had the ducks before, the grass grew in very nicely and weed free. It will also help minimize the mud in the pheasant pen. So to begin this project I first had to harvest the fencing from our hillside as it had been used to contain goats there last summer. Here’s the view from up on the hill overlooking our new hay loft containing barn.

I created the duck pen and in the process herded the geese into it. I could not find the string to create a bald eagle deterrent so simply hooked up the charger and left the geese in there. This way I can also feed grain to the geese without the goats eating most of it. It is a good thing I did this because Sunday we had “Escape from Farmcatraz” (Tom’s phrasing). That is one of the geese escaped, and we had to round him up. Here’s the goose recaptured and heading back to the “pen”.
So I want to make sure this fencing can hold the geese in before I move ducks out there. Plus it is stormy today, and I am tired- all excuses to put off the duck round up until tomorrow. But today there was a break in the storms moving through and a sun beam briefly came in through the south door of the barn. So I decided to take photos of our goat kids growing up a little. Here are Athena,
and Mr. D.
Brown Sugar was looking awfully cute,
and Bambi was striking a pose.

P.S. Athena, Mearth and Sherlock are for sale.
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2 Responses to Escape from Farmcatraz and sunny goats

  1. Tammy says:

    Poor little skinny goats–looks like they have never had a proper meal. ­čśë All ‘kidding’ aside, they are beautiful little goaties.

  2. Donna says:

    Yes, they are clearly starving and let me know it frequently!

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