Tree on house update

Here’s an update on our fallen tree situation. Here are better photos that Tom took the next day while I was at a meeting. This is the tree on the house from the front

and from the back.
Here’s where the tree trunk split.
And here’s the tree service guys removing the tree from the roof.
So today we spent chipping up the branches from this mess. Here’s the before photo of the area of our front yard (from the side of the house) that the second tree fell into.
Here’s the view from the front yard of the corner of the house.
Here’s the view of the same areas as above after we were done.
My father (and probably a lot of others) feel that when an Evergreen tree is dying, it puts out a lot of cones to propagate itself first. This Norway spruce tree had a lot of cones that really weighed it down. Here’s one small branch in the chipper that is just full of cones.

Then we were done! This is Tom and the dogs taking a breather. I am sitting on the ground by this point.
So yesterday in my comments I mentioned that this event provided us with lots of wood chips and firewood for only $1300! Here’s the wood chips (with a lot of needles):
But today I realized that I forgot to consider that we also received natural landscaping with removal of weaker plants, mulch, pruning and sweeping. We also have the fresh scent of spruce both outside and inside! We got plenty of exercise in the fresh air today. And we may have acquired a Christmas tree for the top of this spruce.
I am trying REALLY hard to focus on the positives here!
(We are not sure we want our Christmas tree to remind us of that “fateful night”.)
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2 Responses to Tree on house update

  1. KathyB. says:

    Oh no! We had 2 trees go through our roof in 2007, they broke a truss, went through the bedroom ceiling and walls, and the sunroom was almost severed from our home. The damage was not repaired until April of 2008 and our home was covered by a circus tent-sized blue tarp until then.

    We had to change our landscaping from Pacific Northwest Forest to a more open design because I became fearful of the many other firs towering over our place and almost all were cut down.

    Looks like things are working out, and they will! Your house is still standing and you have your Christmas tree!

  2. Donna says:

    You went through a lot! I know we are truly lucky. My father had a tree go through his roof on Christmas Eve a few years back and a branch speared in over his bed only about 1 foot above where they were sleeping. Very scary stuff. My current issue is not only the hard work and associated pains but trying to be comfortable with the ongoing winds. We are going to have the rest of the trees topped but the friend that was supposed to do it was a no show yesterday so the trees still stand quite tall.

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