Visitors & Preparing for Spring

We have (to my knowledge) first time visitors to Jarmin Prairie (our home).  The swans usually winter over in the Skagit River Valley (the next one to the South), but I have been noticing them increasingly in the Samish River Valley.  Last year we had a sickly lone swan here until he died.  But now this flock has showed up and is sticking around.  I would think with our early spring like weather there would be many grazing options for them but maybe their populations are increasing to the point that they are exploring new areas.  Regardless I am enjoying our new visitors and hope they enjoying their stay.

Here our seeds have arrived!  We are using Abundant Life seeds instead of Territorial Seed because of their lack of a connection to Monsanto.  It is a sure sign that spring is just around the corner when the seeds arrive.  I have purchased new seed pots and potting soil.  This may be premature, but I am excited!

Here’s the view of the pasture today from the hay loft in our barn.  I thought the peacock was pretty with the setting sun.  So that’s what’s up here on Jarmin Prairie!

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  1. kathy says:

    Are peacocks hard to raise? I’m always looking for new and interesting additions to my farm. I have often wondered if they would be hard to keep.

  2. We purchased ours as adults, and they are easy keepers so far. We have had no luck incubating their eggs to date.

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