Fencing and Woolly Sheep

So this is what I found when I went out to do critters today.

So I am officially sick of the animals that live here being endangered because of the recommendations of a bureaucrat.  If the animals have to get a lawyer, so be it.  Here’s the littlest goats helping me take down the electric net fence.

So to distract myself from grumpy thoughts, I focused on planning the sheep shearing next week.  I am trying to organize the sheep and equipment to make this tremendous job easier on everyone.  I have somewhere between 3 – 6 people helping in addition to the shearer, and the plan is to shear 34 sheep.  It would be nice in the same process to separate the pregnant ewes off from the flock so we can start supplementing their diet and watching them more closely.  Anyway, here’s the some of the sheep fully wooled.

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9 Responses to Fencing and Woolly Sheep

  1. Krista M says:

    Oh Donna, I hate seeing that poor animal tangled in the web of fencing. I agree that it’s all politics and beyond, so good for you to take it down. Best wishes on sheep shearing next week:)

  2. Kathy says:

    Glad your sheep wasn’t hurt.Sounds like you have a busy day coming up. Can’t wait to see some pictures.I always like the before and after shearing. My girls show suffolk lambs in the fall. They have to be skin clipped 2 weeks before the show. It’s always funny because they look so bulky, then when the wool comes off the sure clean up nice.

  3. That’s actually our Angora goat, Coug, in the fence. He’s not very smart. I am sure there will be lots of photos of the shearing, hopefully before and after. I tend to forget to take the before photos though. It is funny. And sometimes you find some that are thinner than you though. We’ll see!

  4. Jackie Craw says:

    I find sheep shearing time really stressful. I pray it goes smooth and no stress for you! Sorry about the Bureaucrat
    problems and the fence. Hope the Bureaucrats leave you alone!!!!!

  5. It is stressful and a lot of hard work but then I get to paw over a bunch of gorgeous wool!

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