99 Seedlings of Trees in the Wheelbarrow

99 seedlings of trees…

Take one out, plant it in the ground,

98 seedlings of trees in the wheelbarrow…

This is what I was singing in my head while we planted 100 small trees today.  We purchased them yesterday from Whatcom Conservation District.  This year we pre-ordered them which was smart because we just walked in there Saturday and picked them up.  We did not have to scramble against other people for the trees or stand in line.  But then, of course, we had to plant them.

So we planted 20 Doug firs, 10 Grand Firs, 10 Noble Firs, 20 Port Orford Cedars, 10 Sitka Spruce, 20 Western Red Cedars, and 10 Pacific Crabapples.  We planted mostly cedars and spruce along the front ditch line, and this is a photo of Tom in the distance and some of these trees.

We planted the crabapple with the others between the house and the barn.  The firs and some of the cedar went on the hillside.  There we have deciduous trees after our property was heavily logged in the distant past.

After this we were sore and tired so went out to dinner (too tired to cook) and are crashing out in front of the TV, feeling good that we accomplished something today.

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6 Responses to 99 Seedlings of Trees in the Wheelbarrow

  1. Michelle says:

    Good on you two! I can’t get Rick on board to do this, but think it is SO important and valuable!

  2. Everybody deserves to go out every now and then and from the sounds of your post you 2 sure did deserve it.
    Kick back and enjoy!

  3. Thanks you guys!

  4. Teresa says:

    That’s a lot of work well done!

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