Pack Llama Spring Maintenance

Today I attempted pack llama spring maintenance.  That is giving their CDT vaccinations, giving their worming medication, trimming their toes and shearing them.  Here’s Oreo before the ordeal in the stanchion.  And below is the after photos.  He was actually very well behaved, a perfect gentle llama.

Here’s Walker sniffing his own wool in a plastic bag after his maintenance.  He was less cooperative, but actually when I loosen the stanchion straps to shear his sides he became more cooperative.  So maybe he just did not like those.

Below is Chance in the stanchion.  He was by far the least cooperative llama of the day.  He decided to try to lay down with the shearing.  He had a belly strap on, but it was toward the back so his front end sagged low to the point where he was having trouble breathing.  This happened several times until he finally broke the metal clasp on the rope.  So then I just let him lay down with a loose lead, and I did other chores.

I gave mineral boluses to the 5 rams, and Chance still did not budge.  I tried shearing him laying down but then he would stand up then lay down again.  Finally I outsmarted him and let the other llamas out of the barn.  When he saw that he stood nicely and let me  finish shearing him.  I used the hand shears to finish up, thinking it would upset him less.  I was so whooped after this I forgot to take the after photo of him.  Needless to say, his shear job is the least pretty of the bunch.  But at least this chore is over, and we can start having fun with the llamas instead.

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6 Responses to Pack Llama Spring Maintenance

  1. It probably felt good to get that wool off. It has been in the 90’s(not normal) around here and the cows are rubbing on every tree and stump they can find. Callie got her horse out and I swear she was half the size when we got done brushing her. Jim, the bull in the barn even let me brush him with a sheading comb, he just stretched out like” Oh, that feels good!”

  2. Randy says:

    Sounds like a lot of work!

  3. It was a lot of work- I am recovering now. And Unfortunately it is cold and stormy here so I think the llamas would have preferred to keep their wool. I let them have access to the barn last night- first time for them, and they were in there all night while it stormed.

  4. You must be exhausted after all that! I do a few things to help take care of my sheep and then I need a lie down.

  5. Teresa says:

    I don’t have a lovely stanchion like yours. The one time I tried shearing my llama (by hand), his thank you was a bite on the breast. Now he just stays hot.

  6. I am exhausted. Today was a recovery day. I went to the grocery store. Llamas are a lot bigger than sheep.
    We bought the stanchion after I was kicked after giving a shot to a llama. I missed something like 1-2 weeks of work so it was worth the price.

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