Kids with Tattoos

So today was the day I had to tattoo the goat kids’ ears.  I hate doing it because it is painful for them having needles jabbed into their ears and painful for me because they scream really loud and hurt my ears.  I procrastinated as long as possible, even doing the dishes, but finally I went out to the barn, caught them in a pen, gathered the supplies and did it.  Above is Swami in the box I use to hold them still.  He is not happy.  Below is Opal, equally vociferous in her displeasure.

Afterwards they all nurse off their mothers and then nibbled on hay.

Here’s Dove with her fashionable green ears,And frple with his.

Now there are all curled up together sleeping with their ears all at half mast.

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10 Responses to Kids with Tattoos

  1. Nancy says:

    Poor babies!


  2. I know the feeling about hating to do this. When I tag the calfs ears I grit my teeth everytime. But it seems like once it’s in, it really doesn’t bother them. I think the part they hate most is being restrained to have it done. Of course, my calves usually weigh 60-80 lbs and I have to back them in a corner and stradle them to tag them. If I don’t get them on the first day it can turn into quite the rodeo.LOL By the way, I am getting my turkeys finally next week and have been trying to get tips on raising them. Any suggestions?

    • Calves are a lot harder than little goats, that’s for sure! We have not had much luck with turkeys. I had 8 turkey chicks total and only 3 made it. Two we butchered, and one we kept. I tried to get a turkey friend for him, but he killed her. So we have one bronze 9 year old turkey tom that’s struts around here.

  3. Teresa says:

    Oh, ouch.

  4. I have never tattooed…tags are petty quick; the lambs shake their head once and it’s over. I like your restraining box!

  5. I tag the sheep, but they are not used by the goat registry. So I have to microchip or tattoo them. The box helps.

  6. Chai Chai says:

    I know this sounds awful but the top two pictures look like they display mounted goat heads in ridiculous poses.

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