Venturing Out into the Big Bad World

This is the video of some of our chicks venturing out into the world for the first time.  I placed them in a kennel and moved them from the shed into a pen in the barn.  I worry that they may be beaten up by the other chickens or killed by bald eagles, but they are 2.5 months old and need more space.  So I hope they do OK, but there is always risk for non-confined creatures.

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  1. Zakgirl says:

    So Cute! Could swear you have the cousins to my chickens; they look so alike.

    I was amazed to hear all the animals in the background, and noticed that one black and white speckled chicken was pecking at the other little guy in the corner. Looks like the pecking order has already been established.

    When I intergrate my younger chicks with the older chickens (it’s such a risky event) I usually place the young ones on the perches at night when the chickens don’t see too well and then in the morning they wake up as, “brothers” 😉 lol… Most times it works but hens can be cruel and when they take a disliking to one particular chick it’s not a nice friendly site. As long as there is plenty of room and the chicks have space to get away from the older ones, it usually pans out okay.

    Thanks for sharing the video – I never get bored with baby animals. They are just so amazing. Love your blog!

  2. Teresa says:

    I had such a hard time with my chickens free-rangining. I love watching them run around, but it was too dangerous. Mine now have a very large pen and section of the barn. They only have to worry about each other (and the peacocks) this way.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. It has been a while that I have placed artificially reared chicks in with the flock. Lately the chicks have been naturally reared so their moms look out for them. And I have not had problems with the eagles and the chickens to my knowledge, only with the ducks. I think having roosters around help with the eagles. But since this guys are smaller and less worldly I worry more about them. So far, so good today. The chicks are hanging out in their pen and the adult chickens have not bothered them so far.

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