More Barn Wall Construction

So the last post of the wall was removed (and some grapes hurt in the process).  And it is official that every last one of them was completely rotted out at ground level.  We are very luck that our barn roof did not cave it, but it does make it really easy to knock them over.  And now the last two of the eight new solid posts are concreted into the ground.

Next is constructing the metal wall on boards.  Tom is now at the recycling store looking for windows and a “man door” so we can look into and access the barn without going through the gates and the mud!


One minor hammer hit on the hand and a sore back.

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6 Responses to More Barn Wall Construction

  1. Nancy says:

    Now THAT’s a solid looking post!

    I hope you have a nice weekend and do a little RELAXING somewhere along the line…


  2. Teresa says:

    It must feel really nice to be able to see such progress every day. I wish it would dry off here so I could get some stuff done. It’s looking good.

  3. Thanks Teresa. The plan is to finish up tomorrow and then take a break! Wish us luck, and I hope your weather holds. It’s a mixed blessing though. Our nasty spring/early summer meant we had to hold off on work, but now there are no excuses!

  4. Looks a lot better!

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