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What a pretty start to the day!  After putting in a shift at work, I was able to get back to farming yesterday.  The three yearling rams have really matured this summer.  It always surprises me how much they change that second summer.  Here they are having a rare opportunity to check out the hay barn.

Tom received the new tractor wheel, had the new tire mounted, placed it back on the tractor, and we are in business again.  He finished scooping out the barn.  Next step gravel.

Look how much Sheila has aged and grayed after being impregnated in her supposed retirement.  Nursing really took it out of her.  Her little ram is weaned now, and she is getting extra nutrition and shelter with the other retirees.  Now hopefully she can retire for sure.

While we were gone, a bumper crop of green beans developed.  Usually I just pick every couple of days and freeze them because it’s too much effort to can for a small amount of beans.  But yesterday we had three bags full.  So I found the pressure canner and got to work.

You will notice the purchased squash and tomatoes (the pear is ours- one of two total from our trees this year).  Many of our crops did not do well this year with the cool wet spring and summer.  But at least we have some green beans.  This year I switched seed companies to Abundant Life and ordered Pole Bean-Weinlanderin.  These beans are the best ever.  They grew and produced well despite our crappy weather, and they taste great- even the larger ones.  I am very happy with the beans and will be ordering them forever more.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I need to get a pressure canner AND try that variety of beans! I frozen two big bags this year, but really prefer them canned.

    • Pressure canners are cool but a little scary, and these beans are so tasty. I have tried some frozen once but do not know how they taste canned yet. We will know later in the winter. For now it is the yummy fresh ones!

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