When it rains, it pours

So I have been a hunting widow these last 4 days.  The weather has been as the blog title suggests.  I figured something would go wrong while Tom is gone, and it finally did.  This morning, after cleaning up the diarrhea our beagle left on our bed and the floor, I noticed Vanessa, our presumed Chesapeake Retriever, was limping badly on her left hind leg  I managed to get her into the passenger seat on my car and get her to the vet.  As my leg is getting progressively number (more numb), the vet is examining her and explaining to me that she has completely ruptured her ACL.  Great!  The vet then explained the procedure to me.  He then nicely asked how I was doing, and I gave him a brief summary.  (You have to understand that the vet and I see each other a bit with all of our critters.  He even came to our wedding.)  So then he said the phrase in the blog title.  I managed to get Vanessa home (with a little more difficulty), and she is now lying in the laundry room, on pain killers and sedatives.  Those of you who know her know this is completely unlike her.  She is a very hyperactive dog so it is weird for her to be like this.  Surgery (for Vanessa) is scheduled for Thursday.  I will be seeing a neurosurgeon likely next week after another MRI.

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  1. Sharrie Brockhaus says:

    Hope you have good nursing assistants like we have here for our post surgery recovery person. Hope you both do well with your medical issues.

  2. Chai Chai says:

    I hope both of you get well soon.

    I have a question for you – how do you like your Nygora goat? I read a few old posts that you had on her and was curious how the hybrid was working out.

    • Thanks.
      I actually have two Nygoras. A brown wether and a golden wether and I love them both. Their fiber is to die for and the brown one has a great personality (Brown Sugar). The golden one (Mr. D) is more skittish.

  3. Michelle says:

    Oh dear! I’m sorry Vanessa is adding to your cares — and costs. Wish I could do something to help….

    • Thanks Michelle. Vanessa’s injury comes at a bad time, but harder for her than for me. Their gestimating $1700 for this, quite a chunk of change. Tom gets home from hunting and says he finds his dog and his wife both on the DL. I thought it was cute.

  4. Zakgirl says:

    Mate. I seriously hope everything starts going so much better for you soon.

    My Zak-dog-black-dog is a goer of a dog too and he’d hate to have to have an operation like that. Sure hope Vanessa, gets well soon and look after your own leg too.

    We have had a heap of rain here lately and yes, when it rains in does indeed pour. Our cattle tracks have become minor creeks about a foot deep. It’s unbelievable.

    Today the sun is shining finally and I’m hoping to get heaps done. Just stopped to have a bite to eat and there was your post.

    Cheer up mate!

  5. sheepsclothing says:

    wow. so sorry to hear about Vanessa. that’s a nasty injury- and a spendy surgery. poor girl. Is Tom home now so you don’t have to take her in on thursday by yourself?

  6. Tammy says:

    Wow. That is alot of ‘change’. So sorry to hear that this happened. It’s that much worse since you are down as well. Don’t know how in the world you got her in the vehicle by yourself! Hope you both are on the mend soon.

  7. Lois says:

    Glad that you have an appointment with the neurosurgeon; hopefully your MRI will show a clear and easy to deal with issue….and you will soon be free of numbness and pain.

    We did the ACL routine with one of our BCs last year, actually two legs…he tore one and then a few months later, the other one. The surgery was successful and he is now 4-legged again. He had the prosthetic ACL, not the spendy reshaping procedure. So far, so good.

    A note on the recovery: our Toby had to wear a neck brace while the stitches were in, so that he didn’t pull them out. (How we know this is another story). Brook found a cylindrical brace (looks like a cervical collar) in a vet supply that has a little halter attached…it was a wonder.

  8. Teresa says:

    I hope you and Vanessa both do will and fully recover soon. Glad you have your hubby back home to help.

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