So Tom and I (well, mostly Tom) bottled the last of our hard cider today.  There were 6 carboys, and each of the bottles above represents one of the carboys.  They seems to go from darker to lighter in color.  We both liked carboy #4 (the second from the left) best on sampling.  But it needs to mature 3 months before it is ready.  Here’s the cases of cider we bottled today:

We also racked off the wine today.  There’s the golden plum, red plum and blackberry just after racking (left to right).  It is still cloudy from stirring it up.  It will be ready to bottle in 3 months.

Next is just a view I liked today of the sheep’s backs from the hay loft:


ADDENDUM:  Folks asked about the labels so here’s a close up shot from last year:

Tom buys them from Home Brewers Supply in Anacortes.

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6 Responses to Bottlin’

  1. Chai Chai says:

    What would your doctor say if (s)he knew you were up in the sheep hay loft?

    Is that a special label? If it is could you provide a close up?

    • He said no bending, lifting or prolonged sitting. Nothing about ladder climbing. Of course, I didn’t ask!

      They are labels that Tom bought, and we print our information on. I can try to get a close up for you.

  2. Tamra says:

    I am so envious of your hard cider. Last year we made a bunch that was incredibly delicious, but this year our apples were zilch -so NADA. Enjoy!

  3. rabbtux says:

    Loved the shot from the loft of the sheep backs!

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