Missy and Hazel

So we had two deaths on the farm yesterday.  I was at a doctor’s appointment so Tom was doing critter chores and found them.

Missy was the first one he found.  She was a cat that belonged to my grandfather that we took in with her brother when my grampa died.  She adopted the barn and has happily lived there ever since.  She was having problems in September with erratic behavior, but it resolved then recurred a few days ago.  We kept finding her in strange places, but we would put her up in the hay loft where her food and water is, and she seemed fine.  Two days ago though Tom put her in the hay loft and after that found her laying in the mud behind the barn.  He put her in the feed shed where he found her dead yesterday.  She was 9 years old.  We will really miss her.  She always greeted us when we went to the barn and loved to be petted but not picked up.  The barn won’t be the same without her.


Hazel was a rabbit born here in 2006 and sold to a family.  The family was not able to keep up with her grooming needs so I took her back.  She was not a friendly rabbit but made great Satin Angora fiber for me.  A couple of days ago she had her head tilted and was not running away from me when I petted her, but when I showed Tom she sprinted away like she normally does convincing us that she was OK.  Well obviously not when Tom found her dead.  I will miss her feistiness and her pretty red fiber.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I’m sorry, Donna. It probably seems like this year can’t end soon enough for you!

    • Hopefully the new one will be better. I am not getting into the Christmas holiday like I usually do. I may be getting depressed with all the doom and gloom around here.

  2. Jody says:

    Sorry Donna 🙁
    Life is pretty tough at times.

  3. Nancy K. says:

    How sad. I’m sorry that you lost these friends. Especially so close to the Holidays. I am glad that Tom was the one that actually found them, rather than you. Take peace in knowing that you gave them a good life and they were lucky to have found their way into your barn…

  4. Chai Chai says:

    Sorry for your losses, its amazing how animals what can effect our lives.

  5. Karen Anne says:

    I’m so sorry.

  6. rabbtux says:

    I’m so sorry about the loss of your cat and rabbit. that is such a bummer. I know they had good lives with you. I pray these will be the ONLY losses this winter for you. We have had our share of losses this winter,too, the worst being, Buckeye, Ondra’s special house rooster that wore a chicken diaper and had the run of the house. She was so very attached to him. He kept having seizures and had been on Phenobarb but his little body just gave up.Plus she lost 4 more of her Seramas due to the cold, the day after Buckeye’s loss. Ugh. the propane heater ran out of propane during the night.
    Take care,

  7. Karen Anne says:

    Donna, My internist put me on Sulindac, a med I had never heard of before, but which is apparently a NSAID, for rib pain. It is working much better than the previous stuff. OTC stuff was doing nothing either. Maybe that would help your back. Since it’s a NSAID, I assume it isn’t addictive.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Karen Anne. I saw a psysiatrist (rehab. medicine specialist) two days ago. She did not feel another NSAID would be of use and prescibed instead Neurontin because it is known to help with radicular pain which is what I am experiencing. So I am going to try that next as well as the steroid injection, PT and massage therapy. Hopefully this will help.

  8. Teresa says:

    Sorry to hear about your losses. I know you’ve had a rough year. Here’s hoping the new year will be much brighter and better!

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