Addendum to “Ethical issue in the New Year”

Check out Farm Folks Are Friendly (Home-style Goat Tacos) I do not feel so bad now!


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  1. aimee says:

    Oh Donna, I didn’t realize this was such a hard decision for you. I totally understand though – I just spent a ridiculous amount of time agonizing about whether or not to kill an injured chicken.

    Please know that your goat fulfilled an important purpose for us. He has nourished the bodies of a large number of people, helped us to have a festive New Year, and also strengthened community ties. We feel privileged to have been the recipient of your generosity, and I’m only sad that the decision caused you any lost sleep.

    I have also decided that I have to kill the injured chicken. Sometimes as caretakers, our job is to take life. It isn’t easy, either to face or to do, but it’s part of the responsibility we take on. You did the right thing, first by choosing to protect the rest of your flock, and then by finding a way to make the goat’s life count.

    Thanks again,


  2. Thanks Aimee. I was a hard decision, but your post really helped. I mentioned to Tom that Shama is now part of people in two countries now. I know you understand the conundrum, and I do know I made the right decision.

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