The End of an Era

I mowed my barn camera today.  I was mowing one of our fields with our tractor and mowing deck when apparently the camera fell out of my pocket.  It had never come out of this pocket before, but I was being jostled by the tractor and it must have come out.  On the next pass I saw something blue and black in the mowed grass, and it took me a moment to make the horrible realization.  Tom had just sharpened the blades on the mower.  He must have done a good job because the 1 GB card was destroyed, and it was inside the camera which was inside a padded case.

This card had a lot of photos for future blog posts.  There were photos of mud, of our fully feathered peacock, my needle disposal system and a backlit llama silhouette. Exciting stuff I know.

It is unlikely Tom will get me a new barn camera even from the pawn shop again.  I believe this is the third one I have destroyed.  He has already stopped buying my jewelry because I break or lose it.  After multiple attempts he bought me a watch that is so far indestructible (a Swiss Army watch).  And the fancy new camera he bought me for my birthday is not allowed in the barn.  Tom says I am hard on equipment, which I guess includes cameras (and my poor beat up body).

So no more spontaneous barn photographs.  From now on there will be planned photos in decent weather without mud or mowers nearby.  Sorry.




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  1. Michelle says:

    My lands, woman, you ARE hard on equipment!!!

  2. If you are interested in a beater camera for the barn, I have a 12MPixel Kodak just sitting around and I’ll even throw in an 8M card… I don’t like this one because it uses regular ‘AA’ batteries. I bought a better model that I can use rechargable batteries with and haven’t even put batteries in this one for over 6 months. I don’t have the manual anymore, but you could download it from and I think that I still have the USB cable so you can download photos… Let me know…

  3. Try not to stress too much, mate…

    My cows own a diamond necklace, possibly a mobile phone (I have no idea where it went), a pair of black boots (they were uncomfortable anyway), two sets of keys and various other items of tacky jewelry. My cows could be rich if they opened their own tack shop! 🙂 😉

    My husband no longer buys me jewelry either, and I’m quite happy with that. Buy me a cow, cat, chicken, dog or any other living thing and I’d be so much happier anyway. Funny, I don’t seem to loose animals like I do possessions. My husband often comments when I ask, “Where’d I put my phone?” He’s like: “Maybe the cows needed to make a call” or “Perhaps, Storm (our bull) is answering it for you!”… stuff like that. I just smile and kick him later.

    Maybe there’s a lesson there somewhere.

    Dave, that was so thoughtful of you to pass on your camera. Means all of us can keep enjoying the fantastic, Schoonoverfarm.

    Keep up the great work guys!

    Zak X X X

    • Wow- a diamond necklace! That beats me. I have only lost gold jewelry (and a swiss army knife). Tom won’t buy me animals anymore either- says we have too many already. We’re well over 100 if you count the chickens so he may be right. Dave’s camera will mean I will load up the blog again with multiple spontaneous barn photos!

  4. Oh yeah, and I lost two knives too.

    I reckon if I really started to think about it, I’ve lost heaps of things out in the paddock. But I’m getting better these days I plan my adventures with NOT loosing things in mind. I have systems now. Maybe I should blog about that! lol. 😉

    My husband’s just sold his truck and we are looking at getting the farm back up and running. It’s a hard living, farming, but we want to find a way to make it work because it’s what we both really want to do…

    Hope to be blogging again soon, and I can fill you in on our progress.

    I’m always so inspired by your efforts, your incredible!


    • You should blog about your systems. I have learned not to wear jewelry and not to bring knives out to the barn. I now have scissors on hooks scattered about. I do hope you get your farm back up and running and looking forward to reading about it. My efforts aren’t that impressive- just doing what I love to do.

  5. Tamra says:

    This post made my day!! And I needed a good chuckle. I chuckle because I too am hard on things, including my poor old body. We should form a group: Women Who Destroy Things!!! (But not animals or children, I think we tend to take good care of them). Thanks for making my day, though I AM sorry about your camera!

    • I am glad it made your day. We should form that group- no sissy ladies here! My camera was on its last days anyway, already losing its screen from the abuse it had endured. It exploded in a spectacular fashion though. I had no idea what the inside looks like- still not sure since the pieces are in pieces.

  6. Oh, this sounds so familiar. I’ve run right over garden fence, into peppers and tomatoes with our tractor….I break things constantly. Good to know we are not the onlly ones! I hope you get a new camera, I enjoy the barn picks 🙂

  7. sheepsclothing says:

    Wow, you really did a number on that camera! 🙂 I have to confess, I am also an inadvertent destroyer of inanimate objects. After I stopped laughing I walked my laptop over to The Man so that he could see that I’m not the only one that these things happen to!

    • Donna says:

      I see a new community starting- COIDOIO (Community of Inadvertent Destroyers of Inanimate Objects). Glad I could provide you a laugh and evidence too.

  8. weksnyacres says:

    Sorry about the camera. Even though it had been through “it all” it still took good photos. I’ll bet right up to the end. Hope the next one does you well.
    And yea, I’ve buried my share of inanimate objects over the last couple of years too.

    • Thanks. I was greatly distressed at the violent death of my barn camera, but I am getting over it now. I thought it took good photos, especially for its condition. I remembered today that there was a cute photo of our barn cat climbing a pole on the camera, also lost forever. Farms must be like Bermuda triangles for nice things.

  9. Teresa says:

    Oh my. That’s quite impressive. It looks like you ran it over two or three times. We’ll certainly miss your pictures, but it does sound like a better plan to leave the expensive camera inside.

    • Donna says:

      I thought it was pretty amazing. I know I only ran over it once because of where it landed. I will only take my nice camera outside under controlled situations ( no weather, chores , rotating sharp blades, etc.).

  10. Jackie Craw says:

    I’m really sorry about the demise of your barn camera. i sure enjoy the spontaneous animal photos. It looks like you may be given another one though. I shudder to think about the things i would destroy if we had a tractor.

    • No new one yet- hopefully I will get one. We have hit a few things with our tractor but have never destroyed something quite as completely as this camera and a pheasant nest 🙁

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