Busy Day

So after the difficult events of the morning, we set upon the task we had planned to do today and that was fixing one of the barn walls.  Here’s the before photo:

Here’s the demolition in action:

So after some construction we decided to stop for lunch.  Halfway through lunch, our hay provider Brad stopped by saying our hay was ready.  He brought 6 tons right over, still in the middle of our interrupted lunch (quesadillas with homemade roasted salsa).  Here’s the hay:

So then we finished lunch and restarted the barn wall.  Here it is almost done:

So we ran out of time to put up the hay.  So we tarped it and will start again early in the morning.

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6 Responses to Busy Day

  1. Michelle says:

    One of our local providers — the one we sometimes can get second or third cutting from — just dropped his hay yesterday, so we are hoping to get some purty green stuff for the sheepies soon, too. I just hope we can get it and put it in the barn by Thursday night, because Rick leaves at o’dark thirty Friday morning for a week!

  2. Tina T-P says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of hay! Looks good though – John has a “field” reserved from his hay farmer – the sheepies have given their seal of approval on a few bales. The farmer holds it in his barn as we only have room for about 10 or 12 bales at a time.

    So sorry about Spike and Clara – sad to lose two so close together. I hope that Moni is doing better. T.

    • It is less hay than we used to get when we had the cows too. But it is still a lot, especially for our backs. Your arrangement is nice but you have to make multiple trips. This way we have our supply secure, baring a fire or flood.
      It is hard to lose two animal friends so close together. Moni is doing fine. I am still a little concerned about her mother Mona but she is back out with the flock, just acting like she doesn’t feel too good.

  3. Gail says:

    Nice new barn wall! Doesn’t it feel great to watch things improve on the farm, rather than the other way around? I have a tin sided lean-to made like yours which has been falling apart now for my 8 years here. DH finally started reinforcing rafters, nailing tin back down…. Those Shetland rams were especially hard on it!

    • Thanks Gail. It is nice to watch things improve and hopefully last! I thought the wall looked a little industrial but as long as it functions. The recycled metal siding we used is dirty so with the next rain should look better. Rams won’t be spending much time with this wall so there’s hope.

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