Baby Goats!

So Patches kidded last evening after three days of waiting.  Above is Patches with her new buckling.  He is a red and black buckskin with a large white belt, star on his forehead and frosted ears.  And he has blue eyes!  He is a real poser for the camera too.  We are calling him Pisqually, a name Tom’s father called the kids when he was growing up.  He is for sale for $75 as a wether.  Here’s another pose:

Next is a little tan and black doeling with a white belt and star.  She appears to be polled (naturally hornless).  She doesn’t pose as well but is still a real cutey.  We are calling her Petunia.  She is for sale as a doeling registered with the AGS for $250.

It is cold out so we set up a heating pad for them under a tire and towel.  This will keep them toasty warm.

There was one doeling that did not make it.  So it is bittersweet that we mourn the loss of one cute doeling but celebrate the lives of her siblings.

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8 Responses to Baby Goats!

  1. Amanda Bowen says:

    I’ve been looking for a young weather for our beautiful girl, she needs a boyfriend asap and the newborn you have is one of the cutest we’ve seen. Please reserve him for us, we live in Lakewood, WA own a pet grooming salon and have a young Nigerian girl. She is very spoiled with pink hoof polish. Very serious and exited my number is 2532231517, we would love to come out and meet him and pay for him soon. Thanks, Amanda

  2. Thanks Cindy! I am glad you enjoy the site and the baby goat photos.

  3. Jackie Craw says:

    Congratulations on the new kids! They are beautiful! I love their colors. What a good idea, putting a heating pad in the tire. Sorry to hear about the one loss. Are you expecting any more kids?

    • Thanks Jackie! They are cute. It is a hard plastic covered heating pad designed for dog kennels that I use. It has wrapped cords so they cannot be chewed so it seems to be safer. The kids love it. We are expecting more kids in the spring. This breeding was because I wanted goat milk in the winter and not just in the spring briefly before we take a brief trip somewhere and have to dry the goats up. Hopefully this way I can milk for longer but November is too cold for this. I think I will aim for October next time.

  4. Felicity Elliott says:

    Absolutely adorable~I would love to take them both ! However, I really don’t want to raise young ones through the winter weather. I am definitely interested in the spring kids, and would like to stay on your reserve list.

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