Two Kinds of Heat


So it was relatively warm today, up to 49 degrees.  So I decided it was time to wean the autumn babies from their heat.  The goat kids had their heating pad removed.  And the young chickens were moved to a larger pen without a heat lamp.

Tom is out delivering firewood so I did the rest of the animal chores too.  I noticed Moll at the gate to Jocko’s field wagging her tail and peeing a lot.  Dang!  She is supposed to be pregnant by Shaun.  Gotlands do not seem to get pregnant as readily as the Shetlands.  Anyway, love is in the air so I move Moll into Jocko’s field.  Hopefully he is tall enough for her.

Unrelated to the two kinds of heat above, I noticed Miss Smith decided to be fancy and jump from a spool into the hay feeder.  I am not sure she considered the fact that as the hay is eaten and the level goes down that she may not be able to get out.  So I hauled her out of there and moved the spool away.

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  1. Jody says:

    I hope our 50% Gotland ewes got pregnant. They were in with the Gotland rams for two weeks in early November. If they did then we will have our first 62.5% Gotland ewes at Hubbert Farms. I would love for us to get some of the Swedish and NZ Gotland genetics into our flock 🙂

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