Winter Farm Products

It is still technically winter, but I am gathering some products from our little farm.  Above is yogurt and kefir being made from our goat’s milk.  The kefir grains are in the middle jar.  Below are eggs gathered from the hens and cashmere fiber brushed from Billy-Asa.

I was able to brush about 1 ounce of cream colored fiber from him.  Some of it he had already shed, and some was left behind.  I did not want him to get too cold as the temperatures are supposed to drop.

Finally I am washing the last of the fleeces to make room for the 35 fleeces I am expecting on Shearing Day, March 5th.  I am slowly improving my fleece washing technique.  I have a hose running from the hot water spigot in the kitchen to the back porch.  I can turn it on and off at the far end.  I have tilted the porch table with a 2×4 so I can tip the  tub to drain the water without having to lift it.  This is Diddley’s fleece being washed.

Unfortunately, of all these products, only the eggs are for sale.  And today most of these I broke when I dropped the egg basket.  But the other items are for our own use and do save us money since it is less food and fiber I will purchase.

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    What is Kefir?

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