Done Kidding

We are done kidding.  Of course Peewee saved the best for last.  She had an unplanned first pregnancy and was quite overdue at 157 days. She was acting a little strangely last night and then on the 5:00 AM she was squatting as if to pee- a sign of a breech pregnancy.  By 6 she had a broken bag but still no contractions.  On exam her cervix was still quite tight.  I waited another 30 minutes (and consulted my book) but still nothing.  So I went in again and was able to feel a butt and then leg which kicked (so still alive!) and another leg.  Not entirely sure if they belonged to the same kid I turned them back out into the vagina and with a few more tries and pulls was able to deliver.  This frank breech was a gold and black buckskin doeling and she did well.  With no contractions still, I went in again and this time it was a footling breech that I was able to pull out with some difficulty since it was hard to get any traction.  This was a gold and black buckskin buckling with white frosted ears.  I felt again inside and did not feel further kids but about 10 minutes later Peewee pushed out a kid still inside its full bag.  This one was normally positioned.  This was a gold and black buckskin doeling with white frosted ears.  All are now dried and have nursed.  Peewee is shaky but standing and caring for them.  She did receive a penicillin dose but has not delivered her placenta yet.  So with that dramatic finish, kidding is over and now lambing will begin!

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4 Responses to Done Kidding

  1. lmccready says:

    oh wow…… saved her. What gorgeous babies!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks! I was getting nervous that I was going to have to call the vet for a C-section. I am so glad I was finally able to pull these two breech kids out.

  2. Krista M says:

    Wow, lucky! Now you are making me nervous, as Minuet should have delivered by now(due 3/11) and sits like a dog often. Now I am wondering if that is the breech sign. Becky looked at her the other day and said she prob just didn’t take the first time around. She looks closer every day and she has kidded for us 3 times, so I am not totally worried yet. A few more days and I will have to take the next steps, as you did. Congrats and yeah for being done. We have 3 more to go! One is due today, one overdue and 1 in waiting still.

    • Donna says:

      Did not mean to make you nervous Krista! Meadowlark sat like a dog and was not breech. The signs of breech are pretty much what Peewee did today. If she were an experienced mother, I probably would not have had as much trouble. So you will likely be fine but it is always good to be prepared.

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