Skirting Last Day!

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I finished skirting the last 4 fleeces today- a Shetland, a Cotswold and 2 Gotland-crosses.  Overall the fleeces turned out well.  We had really early rooing this year (I think because of our screwy weather this winter) so a few of the fleeces were partially felted from this.  Only one fleece was tender after the chicken grain episode of last year.  A few of the fleeces were shorter than expected on the pregnant ewes.  The colors were really nice this year and for the most part minimal VM.  A few of our sheep thwart our efforts and get hay in their fleeces anyway.  So all and all a good year, and I am glad I am done with this large task.

In other news, we took our dog Mopar to the vet yesterday because she has been intermittently limping for the last 2 weeks.  It turns out that she tore her ACL in her knee.  Cha-Ching!  This is the same injury that Vanessa had last year, and the same surgery and rehab will be required.

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