Spring Chicks


Spring means chicks.  This is one of the pheasant chicks that are hatching almost daily here.  Below is one of the barn swallow nests.

And these are our chicken chicks growing up.  They enjoy their privacy curtain.

And then there are the goat babies.  The last two of the sold goat kids were picked up yesterday.  I believe they all went to good homes.  Only Mavis (who we are keeping) and Miss Daisy (who did not sell) are left.  I am not sure why Miss Daisy has not sold yet.  She is a cutey.


Speaking of babies, I took Billy Asa on a pack goat training hike today.  I learned that I am training the goats, and they are training me.  Initially in the hike he did fine, but later he was not wanting to walk and eating instead.  I kept tugging him along and then I finally remembered that he is an alone-wimp.  He cries when left alone.  So I unclipped the lead and just kept walking.  He was running to keep up with me even despite the weight on his back.  So I am learning too.


And the final bit of barn news today is that Tanya, our Finn-Gotland ewe, is making more milk than our Nigerian Dwarf goat Magpie.  I got 2 quarts of sheep milk today from Tanya and Wink (who was engorged after weaning).  Magpie’s production is down, maybe because she is getting older.  But I may have ample sheep milk to make sheep milk yogurt, sheep milk cheese, sheep milk kefir, sheep milk frozen yogurt…

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6 Responses to Spring Chicks

  1. Michelle says:

    Well! Maybe I don’t need a Nigerian Dwarf as a personal milk after all; I just need to train one of my sheep!

    • Donna says:

      Something to think about, Michelle! Generally the Nigerians make a lot more milk than the Shetlands but this is my first experience with Finn sheep. I will see if she keeps it up.

  2. mcfwriter says:

    Hmm, maybe I really am meant to have Miss Daisy. 😉 (Since I got all ENTHUSED about keeping goats again when she was born.) Daisy the Rottweiler and Daisy the goat – destiny? (heehee)

  3. tayet1353 says:

    Does goat milk and sheep milk taste different?

    • Donna says:

      I somehow missed your comment. I have not tried the sheep milk straight up yet. I believe it is creamier than goat milk. Next time I milk a sheep I should try it. I usually consider it precious for cheese making.

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