Mobile Home Roof

I know this does not look like much, but this represents two days of hard work on my part.  I painted Henry Solar-Flex on our trailer’s roof in two layers.  I had to do it from a ladder in the hot weather so am exhausted, sore and blistered (but remarkably not sun burnt).  As I age I consider the rain increasingly as the enemy, wanting to flood us but also wanting to rot all of our possessions.  Hence each summer I try to battle this trend and try to minimize the rain damage as best I can.

I usually do not wax eloquent over our trailer, but it has a special place in my heart.  We lived in it after we bought our house while the house was uninhabitable.  We now use it to store cider/wine making equipment and fleeces but also use it for projects.  It is a nice space for us since our house is small and somewhat crowded.  So I really want to keep this trailer as long as possible.  So take that rain, just try to make it through 2 layers of Henry Solar-Flex!

And I do think I got more of it on the roof than on me.  What do you think?





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  1. sheepsclothing says:

    i hear ya. I try to remind myself often that rain is why it’s so green and lush here in the west side, but I often feel like it is trying to erode or rot away everything we build or paint. good job on the roof sealant. that must be a sticky messy job!

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