Influenza Cooking and Swans

oranges for sorbetToday I decide to cook for influenza.  I am somewhat getting over it, and Tom is just starting and miserable.  I found this recipe for Influenza Sorbet so I thought I would try to make it.  Above are the oranges been squeezed for juice (I chose mandarins), and below are the lemons and local honey.

lemons and honey for sorbetAnd here’s the final product, very tasty.

influenza sorbetI also decided to make cider bread.  Tom asked for it for this recipe.  Here are some of the ingredients assembled,

ingredients for cider bread

and here’s the bread after baking.

cider breadI am not sure these foods are therapeutic.  There’s a study that suggests a spoonful of honey works better than store bought cough medicines, and alcohol is an antiviral agent.  These are comfort foods though and are tasty.  And it is more pleasant to vomit these foods than others, I have learned.

The other major change around here (besides the flu) is that the swan population is increasing rapidly on our little prairie here.  This is the view now out our front window.

swans outside windowHere’s a closer view.  As of today there are Canada geese too.

swans outside gateFor those of you who have not been around Trumpeter Swans, below is a video of their beautiful voices.  If you listen carefully, you can hear the mournful cry of the wild ass too.

And finally here’s a view when we had a brief sun break.

swans in sunHave a good day and stay healthy!

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7 Responses to Influenza Cooking and Swans

  1. Michelle says:

    Sorry you guys have been sick. Our son had a stomach virus for a couple days and that’s it for our household so far.

  2. Teresa says:

    Hope you are both feeling back to normal soon. I love the swans and hearing them. I don’t get to see wild swans around here.

  3. Tina T-P says:

    Sorry to hear you have the sickleys – how fun to have all those swans across the road, and that orange sorbet does look tasty. T.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Tina. I have not enjoyed January at all. I am doing better but Tom is even still under the weather. Very little is getting done around here. It is fun to have the swans. The sorbet is tasty but tart. We had to mix it with some vanilla ice cream or orange sherbet so it did not sting our throats.

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