bottlingToday, a rainy cold one, we bottled 6 carboys of cider and wine.  Above we are about to start on the first carboy (carboy #7 of the year).  Below is carboy 7 of cider, all filtered into bottles.

carboy 7 bottlesAnd next is carboy 9 (carboy 8’s photos did not turn out and I forgot to photograph carboy 10).

carboy 9 bottlesAfter we finished the 4 carboys of cider, we bottled the 2 carboys of wine.  First is the red plum wine.

plum wine bottleThen we did the Island Belle grape wine.

island belle bottleSo now we have 10 case of cider and wine to age.  There are 8 more carboys to go.  And then I will have my dining room back again.







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  1. Jackie Craw says:

    You guys can open up a winery with all that! Way to go! Can you sell your bottles at the farmer’s market?

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