Muddy Hogs, Upset Llama, Wide and Needy Sheep, Booted Goat and Sunny Dogs

pasture pigs


Tom moved the hogs out to the pasture yesterday.  The pig pen was getting really muddy.  I was worried about it affecting their health, and the smell was affecting our use of our wood-fired hot tub.  Here’s their old pigsty:

pigstyOur llama Fancy Pants is upset about this for some reason.  She is humming at them constantly.  I am not sure why since they were much closer to her and her sheep when they were in their pigsty.  Anyway, for those of you who have not heard this sound, check out this short video of her (she is not too upset as she is till eating):

Our pregnant goats and sheep are getting wider than their friends.  I am particularly concerned about Monette.  She is not due until March 25 at the very earliest and look how wide she is.  How many lambs do you think she is carrying?

wide monetteWhile I took a rare moment to sit among my flock, Diddley had to get petted and tried really hard to exclude anyone else.  What a ham.

diddleyIn other news, we are struggling with goat hooves this year, with the mud.  Billy Asa was particularly bad although he never limps to let us know.  So he is in a booty.

booted billyApparently there was a sun beam here on 2/2.  I found this photo on my camera.  I did not know as I was at work.  At least the dogs were enjoying it.

sunny dogs





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8 Responses to Muddy Hogs, Upset Llama, Wide and Needy Sheep, Booted Goat and Sunny Dogs

  1. Teresa says:

    Sorry to see all the mud. I have a goat with a hoof bothering her too.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Teresa! Every year is bad with mud but we seem to have more hoof problems this year. Hopefully his booty helps and your goat’s hoof improves too.

  2. mcfwriter says:

    They look so happy in the pasture. I know my winter pens (sheep, chickens) are getting squishy with mud/muck these days; am looking forward to spring. I am sad that there are no lambs due this year (on purpose), but Fergus and Lorna make up for it (two of Jocko’s 2012 babies) – both love attention and are wonderful additions to the flock. 🙂

  3. Jody says:

    My God you are really ‘knee deep in mud’!
    Monette looks like she is carrying alot of fleece too. I am always amazed at how small they look after shearing even when pregnant 🙂

  4. Donna says:

    Thanks Jody! We are. I have not quite decided if I will shear her before or after lambing. Depends a little on the weather, how cold it is.

  5. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the llama video; I had not heard that sound before. I’m sure she thinks the predators are on the loose now that they are out on pasture. No lambs this spring here, either, so I’ll look forward to pictures of yours.

    • Donna says:

      You are welcome Michelle. When llamas are really upset (like when you are trying to trim their toes or give them shots) that sound like a child being beaten. I am surprised thw neighbors have not called the cops. Hopefully I will have some cute lamb photos for you next month.

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