Rabbits, a Disc, Donkeys and Goulash

So today started out with the usual animals chores and then I took on the task of brushing the rabbits as well as trimming off their matts and clipping their toenails.  Meanwhile Tom cleared out an area so we can have another cottonwood tree that is threatening our barn taken down.  We could not take this down last time because a storm had blown in and stopped the tree work.  In clearing out the area around the tree Tom pulled out an antique disc, and it still works.  We will need it to disc the field the pigs are in after they are done rooting it up.  Here’s Tom pulling the disc through the backyard.

discHe had to move a tarp shelter out of the donkey pen as well as move the llama stanchion.  The farrier came over during the process and trimmed our donkey’s hooves.  They had to be tied up for a little bit since there was a gap in their fence while we move stuff in their pen. Fortunately it did not rain much.  Donkeys hate rain.

Then we came in, and I am making goulash for dinner.  After more than 30 years of being a vegetarian,. I have started eating meat.  My original reasons for being vegetarian were more for ethical reasons rather than environmental or health concerns.  And it increasingly seems silly for me not to eat the meat we raise as healthfully and butcher as humanely as we can.  Plus my vegetarian diet leaned heavily on grains and dairy, possibly to an unhealthy degree.  Living with my carnivore husband almost 10 years may be rubbing off on me.  So now there’s grass-fed beef and free-range chicken in my diet.  Anyway, hopefully the Hungarian goulash is good.



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  1. Tammy says:

    I don’t think I ever realized you even had donkeys…how many do you have? The Goulash looks wonderful!


    • Donna says:

      We have two donkeys, Olivia and Marty. I got Olivia in 2001 when she was 7 years old as a guard donkey. That did not work out as she got too fat staying on the pasture with the goats and sheep. So we bought Marty in 2004 at age 3 as a friend for her. That has worked out but Marty killed a promising ram lamb Bambam that had broke into his pen. So we have to be careful to keep the fencing up around the donkey pen. They still guard in that they definitely let us know if something is lurking near the fields. And they have such personalities!

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