Spring Effects

window and blossomsToday was very spring-like.  So I took on spring cleaning.  I did a general cleaning plus I washed all the curtains and the windows on the inside.  I did not have time to do the outside of the windows.  Last year I do not remember a spring so I never did a spring cleaning so this year was especially dirty.  What is it about spring that makes you want to clean?

chipsTom spent yesterday chipping branches, another spring tradition.  We are hopefully nearing the end of mud season so it is particularly deep right now.  Tom took down a couple of trees in the orchards and chipped these branches as well as those from pruning.  Now we have a nice layer of chips for the goats to stay out of the mud.  They are enjoying them immensely.

daffodilWith spring, the chickens are laying eggs like crazy, and the geese are feisty.  The sheep and goats have been sun bathing, and the grass is starting to grow.  Our flowering cherries, daffodils and forsythia are blooming, and the frogs have been croaking.  Everyone’s spirits are improved.  These are the effects that I see here from spring.







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