Our Orchard

treesToday we planted 15 cider apple trees in our orchard.  It seemed like a good thing to do on an Easter afternoon.  Above are the trees that arrived from Cummins Nursery.  Below is Tom planting one of them.

planting treesWe planted 3 each of Ashmeads Kernel, Coxs Orange Pippin, Elstar, Kingston Black, and Spitzenburg Esopus trees.  Tom had taken down some evergreen trees in the orchard to allow space and light for these and other trees to grow.  Here is part of our orchard after this planting.

orchardAfter the trees were planted, we decided to make a map of our orchard.  Here are the maps that Tom created:

orchard map 1

orchard map2

orchard map 3So we have 95 fruit trees.  The vast majority of them we planted ourselves.  I had no idea our orchard was so large.  It is full now so the only new tress going in are replacements for dead ones.

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