Water and Wool

These are the topics of the day.  Water because it has been raining and a lot of it is being dumped on our fields by our neighbors behind us.  Here is a video of their culvert and their newer diverted ditch pouring water onto us, damaging our hillside and flooding our fields.

Here is the culvert we put in trying to move the water into our back ditch.

You can see how nasty this water is and how quickly it is coming down the hill.  Our ditches are easily overwhelmed by this amount of water, and it is going into our fields.  Here are our poor animals having to contend with our neighbors runoff.

animals in watery pastureWe had the water from the neighbors’ culvert tested last year.  It showed Total Coliform 10200 CFU/100 ml (moderate risk) and E. coli 120 CFU/100ml (moderate risk).  So not only are we dealing with their dirty water and their oil sheen but also their sh*t.  It makes us so mad, especially when it rains.

On a nicer topic, I got to play with some wool today.  I skirted the fleeces of the pregnant ewes I sheared last month.  They are posted at our Fiber For Sale page.  I turned all the fleeces that are drying from shearing day 3/29 and got to admire them too.  I also collected lock samples for a lady interested in buying wool for a specific felting project she is doing.  She wants to know which fleeces will still show curl or crimp after her felting process.  I have no idea since I do not do much felting so I am sending her samples to play with.  She wanted longer staple length or curls so I picked these fleeces.  It was fun to check out the locks and compare and contrast them.  Here’s the photo:

long locks

And this week I received my package from Foula Wool.  It is wool yarn from Foula sheep.  And I was their first US customer!  I look forward to knitting with this wool and comparing it to mine.

Foula yarn


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4 Responses to Water and Wool

  1. Tina T-P says:

    I hesitate to get the feds involved but can’t you take those pictures of the bad drainage to the DOE or the county or somebody?? It just seem wrong that they are able to get away with that. T.

    • Donna says:

      We have discussed this with the State DOE and the County Surface Water Specialist. They wrote a letter to the association to contain their surface water but no response occurred. We hire a lawyer who also wrote them a letter, but we got a nasty letter back from their attorney that we were trespassing and if caught there again the police would be called. So Saturday I emailed the County Surface Water Specialist and the Environmental Health Specialist with links to the videos, the photo and the water testing results. I am waiting their response.

  2. Jackie Craw says:

    I can’t believe the association can get away with that! I thought people were more environmentally conscious over on your side of the mountains. that seems like they might be breaking a law or something. If the Environmental Specialists don’t respond, you might want to send the video to the media, I think King TV news has Problem Solvers, or put on Youtube and anonymously send the link to the Seattle Times. I know it seems drastic, but you have had to put up with this too long. I feel bad for you guys, and the animals. I hope things get fixed very soon.

    • Thanks Jackie! The county’s surface water manager was out this morning looking into it and she called the state DOE. Hopefully something can get done this time. If not, there is always the media.

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