Patches Pal has Triplets

Patches and tripletsSo on the barn check this afternoon, Patches had her kids.  The first born is below.  She is a red doeling with some white spotting.

firstNext born was this little golden buckskin buckling.

secondAnd last born was this red and black spotted doeling.  She is the runt of the litter.

thirdSo welcome to the world little guys, probably the cutest goats you will ever see!

tripletsPS  Even cuter goat photos in a couple of days.

PPS I have been struggling all day to get our calf to nurse.  She keeps looking in the wrong places, and I could not tell if she found the spigot.  I milked some colostrum into a bottle and gave her some that way.  And finally when Rosemary was lying down, I put the calf flat on the ground and finally convinced her to nurse from two teats.  Hopefully we are not too late with the colostrum, and she has finally figured it out.






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4 Responses to Patches Pal has Triplets

  1. laurie says:

    They are adorable, too bad they related to miss daisey

  2. Michelle says:

    Are these Nigerian Dwarfs? Will they be polled or horned? I doubt I could ever convince my husband, but I would love a little milk goat, as in that LITTLEST milk goat….

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