Walla Walla, Pendleton, Eugene Vacation

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So we took a well needed vacation last week.  We first went to the cabin my great-grandfather built in Central Washington.  We then headed to the remnants of White Bluffs, an interesting community that was confiscated by the US government for the Hanford project.  We then camped on Lake Sacagawea.  We had mechanical difficulties with Bluesie and replaced the alternator and voltage regulator there (actually Tom did most the work) and then limped to Pasco where the exhaust manifold stud that was leaking was fixed by Tricities Battery in Pasco ( a great garage).  We then went to Walla Walla and visited the Whitman Mission and some wineries.  We went to Pendleton where we visited the woolen will (which I have always wanted to do while it was in operation).  We then camped at the Birdtrack Springs.  The next day we drove all the way to Eugene on the most beautiful and multisummited road I have ever been on.  In Eugene we attended the Black Sheep Gathering (the subject of another post).  Finally on the way home we stopped by the Portland Cider Summit.  A replacement bridge over the Skagit River had been constructed while we were gone so getting home was much easier than leaving it.  All in all a great vacation and some great loot to show for it too!

Below is a video of what it was like cruising down the road in our camper van.

And below is a short video of one of the Pendleton looms in action:

In the extremely unlikely event you would like to view all of my photos from this trip, they are at http://wallawallapendletoneugenetrip.shutterfly.com/pictures

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  1. Holly says:

    Omg, how wonderful. My mother and I went on a fantastic road trip (Indianapolis to Vancouver, BC via Dubois, WY, and then home through Banff and Edmonton in my little ’98 Forester over three weeks) a few years ago. We just happened to stop in Pendleton overnight on the way out, and in the morning thought “it’s our trip!!” and made a quick side trip to the Mill and store. Wow. And we even listened to the Dead and Garcia’s acoustic album most of the way! Great driving & memories.

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