New Homes

Mr Sandman and KetchikanThis weekend quite a few of our critters moved to their new homes.  Above is Mr. Sandman and Ketchikan going with Sarah, and below are Wonka and Bette going with Beth and Calvin.

Bette and WonkaNext are Zenobia, Mr. Bojangles and Henny Penny leaving with Brandy.

Zenobia Henny Penny and Mr BojanglesThen Velma and Mockingbird left with Trish and Buck.

Velma and MockingbirdThen Matt and Jena picked up Vette and Willy.

Willy and VetteWhile a few critters left this weekend, one showed up.  The rooster below arrived overnight.  We do not know if someone left him here or he found his own way.  He is a little guy so probably will not become dinner, but if he is well behaved he’ll be able to stay.






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