Spring Chicks

roosters on elevatorSo the spring chicks are now big and need dealing with.  The roosters are quite large and are starting to kill each other.  So Tom will be scheduling with the butcher soon.  They like to roost on the old hay elevator for some reason.

And the pheasant chicks we hatched in the incubator and the peachicks hatched by our peahen after our peacocks demise are growing too.  They have outgrown their quarters in the feed shed.  So I kicked the torticollis pheasant rooster and his hen companion out, clean their larger pen, and moved these “chicks” in there.  There are 5 suirviving pheasants, 2 of which appear to be roosters, and two peafowl, my best guess is they are both peacocks.  They are settling into their new digs.

peachicks and phneasant chicksHere’s the evicted pheasants upset about their wait before their move to a smaller home.  You can hear the soon to be dinner rooster in the background.

In other big news, we bought a new grill as our last one finally fell apart after years of use.  We got the same make and model as Tom is very happy with it.

new grill



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  1. Man, that’s one tank of a grill. It looks bulletproof.

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