Done Canning and Still Pressing

canningI believe I am done canning for the year today with these 19 quarts of pears and 2 quarts of fermented pickles.  There are more pears, but I cannot imagine that we will eat more canned pears.  So I am thinking we will try to eat them fresh as they ripen or maybe I will make pear wine or perry with them.  Here’s the shelf of canned goods (the shelf is deep so holds more than it appears).

shelf of canningBut we are still pressing apples.  Saturday we pressed about 30 gallons of cider at the Harvest Market, and Sunday we pressed 30 more gallons for ourselves.  So we have a lot of pomace we are feeding to the critters.  Here are some of the sheep and goats enjoying pressing season,

sheep and goats eating pomaceand here are the cows enjoying it.

cows eating pomaceThe hogs, donkeys, llamas and chickens have been enjoying it as well. We picked even more cider apples today so we will keep on pressing and feeding the critters.





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