(Inter) National Hug a Sheep Day!

Hug A Sheep

It is (Inter) National Hug a Sheep Day today!  So go outside and hug your sheep.  Don’t have sheep?  Hug your favorite wool sweater.  Don’t have a favorite wool sweater?  Go and buy one!

Here’s one of the sheep I will be hugging today:


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10 Responses to (Inter) National Hug a Sheep Day!

  1. fjohn says:

    I can t catch Maine to hug

  2. Reblogged this on darkcreekfarmdotcom and commented:
    Who knew?

  3. yakinamac says:

    Hmm – I’m Welsh and wouldn’t want to play to the stereotype by joining in with this one! Besides, not that many sheep in London. Think I’ll hold out for International Talk Like a Pirate Day…but feel free to give one of your sheep an extra hug from me!

  4. sheepsclothing says:

    He looks like a very willing “hug-ee”- any chance he’s related to Chone and Diddley?

  5. staylor319 says:

    I don;t care what people say—bottle fed babies give the best hugs! My sheep come up for hugs every morning. Well, right after breakfast. Their love for me might be second to their love for their grain 😉

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