Gumby and Greta

So we have been seriously lacking home-grown beef recently (see my other blog).  So we made steps to remedy this problem today.highlands moving to new homeWe purchased a Highland bull (Gumby) and also got a Highland cow (Greta) in the deal.  Above is them being brought to their new home.  Below is them meeting their new pasture mates.

Meeting the DextersWe had to remove Marji, our Dexter heifer calf, from the field so she would not be bred, as she is too young.

Marji weanedBut then Dillweed, our Dexter steer, kept fighting with the Highland bull.  He was trying to lock horns with him, even though he does not have any horns.  So we had to move Dillweed out of field too so he did not get hurt. And finally there was peace in the valley.

peace in the valleySo we thought anyway.  Tonight Dillweed is still hollering at the bull through the fence.  The original idea was that we would butcher Gumby after breeding, but now we are considering butchering Dillweed instead.

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4 Responses to Gumby and Greta

  1. mcfwriter says:

    Totally envious!! I love Highland cattle and this would be (will be!) the breed I get when I finally have room for cows. Can you do anything with their fiber? I’m also enamored of yaks… Hopeless.

  2. Donna says:

    We had Highland cattle before but they were hard on fencing and a little wild. These ones are shorter and more docile. The fiber is like a yak’s but it was too scary to harvest.

  3. eliz martin says:

    Hi, one of our neighbors has a group they board…..the latest bull is black and the girls are blond thru strawberry red-brown. I always stop to look at them when i leave for work.

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