Slightly Defective Schoonover Farm Calendars



I designed and ordered three different calendars from Cafepress again this year.  Unfortunately two of the ones I received had minor defects.  The Schoonover Farm calendar (the larger one on the left) was not bound well, and the pages were coming out.  I was able to use some pliers to close the binder better, and the pages appear to be secure.  The Schoonover Farm Animal calendar (the smaller one on the right) has the hole in the wrong spot.  I contacted, and they sent me new calendars which I finally received yesterday.  So if anyone would like either of these slightly defective calendars, please let me know.  I will pay for postage.  To check out the other pages of the calendars go to Farm Calendar or Animal Calendar.

As an aside, here was the view as we were building the new pig shelter.  The goats were quite curious.

goats watching


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