Winter Chores, Sick Tanya and 100,000 Views!

Christmas lights and cherry blossomsWe have been completing our wintertime chores.  I took down the Christmas lights while the cherry tree is blooming.  We have been battling the blackberries,repairing things (dishwasher, water pressure tank, fencing), and remodeling the trailer to accommodate cider making supplies better.  We (mostly Tom) finished pruning the orchard.

pruning is doneWe also planted our Christmas tree finally.

planted Christmas treeThinking I was on top of things and then tragedy strikes, humbling me once again.  Tanya was found down in the pasture with her legs sticking straight out.  I had just taken a photo of her yesterday, and she was fine.  I thought she was dead for sure, but when we roused her she was able to stand and walk, although not well coordinated.  She is shaking her head a lot.  No bloat, normal temperature, comfortable breathing, stooling normally and urinating well.  No toxic ingestions I can imagine (no mushrooms this time of year).  I was wondering if she cast herself, but she is not pregnant (although fat), is acting oddly and did not bloat.  I treated her with Sheep Nutridrench, Probios, penicillin (in case of Listeria) and thiamine (in case of polioencephalomalacia).  She did nibble at the hay.  I am keeping her in quarantine in case she is contagious.

sick TanyaIn more positive news, I reached 100,000 views since switching my blog to in December of 2009  (100,027 to be exact).  This is my fourth blog site (see blogiversary #7 for more information) so the total statistics are not available but still a blogging milestone.





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4 Responses to Winter Chores, Sick Tanya and 100,000 Views!

  1. Teresa says:

    Poor girls. Hope she’s better soon. It always seems like there’s something going wrong on a farm. Congratulations on that milestone!

  2. Tammy says:

    Is there a possibility she got herself cast and was down awhile? You mentioned she was fat and sometimes that can contribute to being prone to casting themselves. I have an old whether (how has large horns) and about once a month he gets himself down flat on his side and can’t get up. He is always woozy afterwards and staggers, but comes out of it pretty soon. I don’t think he continues to shake his head though like Tanya. I’m really afraid I won’t discover him sometime until it’s too late…. Hope Tanya recovers well and it isn’t anything life threatening.

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