13 Degrees

ice buckethas been the temperature the last 2 mornings.  It is cold enough that when we overturned the frozen water buckets, an ice bucket that holds water is created.

ice bucket2These temperatures are hard on older or skinny critters.  Our older rooster is trying to warm up in a sun beam.

cold roosterOur barn cat Izzy has taken over the now-abandoned hog shelter for some warm straw.

cold izzyAnd we have been unsuccessful in defrosting our garage freezer in anticipation of meat coming from the butcher this week.

freezerNotice anything different about the front of our house?

front windowYes, a 12th man and woman live here.  It has been so fun watching the playoffs and the amazing Super Bowl.  The parade and rally yesterday were thrilling.  I have been watching the Seahawks for 38 years and am SO excited that they won it all!







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  1. Tina T-P says:

    Us too – Go Hawks!

    Wasn’t that parade amazing – I don’t think the team expected any think like what happened. I do think that Seattle handled it pretty well tho. T.

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