Rendering Lard

bag of lardSince we had two hogs butchered I decided to try rendering lard.  I got this idea from a nurse at work.  Tom thinks I am going “Little House on the Prairie” on him.   So I asked Tom to ask the butcher to save 15# of lard for me.  There was a miscommunication somewhere, and I ended up with 4 large bags of lard.  Above is 1/4 of the lard I received.  So yesterday I tried a crock pot rendering recipe.  It is at  Here are the crackpots (one vintage and one new) full of cut up lard:

crocks of lardHere is the quarts of lard after they have cooled:

lard in jarsAnd here are the leftover cracklings:

cracklingsI was nauseated through this process and not interested in trying the cracklings.  So they are going to be dog treats.  The crock pot method made a big mess to clean up, so today I tried using an oven method.  It is at  Here is the pan full of cut up lard in the oven:

lard in ovenAnd here is the quarts of lard from this method:

more jars of lardI seemed to get less lard, but it is better quality.  And there was less mess.  I was nauseated during this process too, so I think I am done rendering lard (plus I tried to burn my face).  Tom says he will throw out the rest before a tragedy happens.

I always thought old recipes with lard were weird, especially the pie crust ones.  But now I have come to realize that shortening is probably worse and supposedly well rendered lard does not taste piggy.  Once I recover completely from the rendering experience, I will try cooking with it and decide for myself.







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9 Responses to Rendering Lard

  1. mcfwriter says:

    I’m so impressed, Donna! I’d have been nauseated too, but just as determined to use everything– to honor the pigs if nothing else! I hope it’s something you will find useful after you recover from the processing. 🙂 Lucky dog with their crackling treats!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Maureen! I am trying to use everything. Hate to see a good pig go to waste. And I hope I find use for all this lard. So far I have 7 quarts of the stuff. That was a lot of work if I don’t like it. Now I have to figure out what to do with the remaining 2 bags of lard.

  2. mcfwriter says:

    (dogs, not dog)

  3. Elin says:

    Might try making soap out of the lard.

  4. Hang onion (mesh) bags of the pig fat from trees for the birds? Suet! Up high– dogs like to jump for it…
    I’m enjoying your stories today. I haven’t been reading blogs for some time. BTW, piecrust from lard acts a little differently from shortening crusts– keep it cold or it’s much floppier to work with. Best to you in your adventures.

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