wet red roosterwas the theme of the day.  Tom was working so I got to do the farm chores on my own in a downpour.  After starting a fire in the wood stove to try to dry the sheepskin, I went to the barn and found our eldest rooster out in the rain.  I went to investigate and found that he had caught his toes in a small amount of netting I failed to collect on St. Patrick’s Day.  He had twisted this netting around multiple times and was caught out in the rain for many hours as a result.  So I kneeled in the mud and cut some of the netting away from his feet.  I was getting soaked and he already was and then I got smart and used my knife (a Christmas present from Tom) to cut the netting away from him completely and brought him into the barn to finish extracting the netting from his foot.  Finally I was able to get all the netting off of him and release him.  Above is a blurry photo of him being released, all wet.  Below are the muddy tools I used.

rooster tools


I then proceeded to do the rest of the farm chores in the rain.  Because we are low on hay, we moved the cows and sheep to a pasture that has some grass growth (about 6 inches).  Because of the move, I had to move their water containers and refill them with hoses.  I also moved the geese and had to collect their egg so we do not have more geese born (already have too many).  With all of these tasks I got quite wet.  I am not sure you can appreciate it in the selfie, but I am soaked through to the skin, about 2/3 of my body.



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4 Responses to Wet

  1. Tina T-P says:

    Well, they aren’t kidding when they talk about a wet hen, huh? Sorry to read about Lil and Coco.

    After seeing all the work you are putting into that pelt, I can see why those places charge so much to do them.

    Happy 1st day of Spring! XOX T.

  2. diane cruikshank says:

    Wow! What a day! It is a good thing you are so astute and observant to see the netting on the roosters foot. Poor little guy 🙁 Love your farm stories.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Diane! Chickens don’t normally stand in the rain. Poor guy. He stayed in the barn after that. Glad you enjoy my stories.

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