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We have been following the progress of the mudslide at Oso.  We were listening to the scanner Saturday afternoon after the slide and hearing the horrific accounts of the rescuers attempting to get to the cries for help they were hearing.  Since we have been watching the news and following the progress on the internet.  It is hard to imagine the devastation and the work of the rescuers.  I do not personally know any of the missing or dead, but I know people who have friends and family on these lists.  Tom knows a woman whose daughter and granddaughter were rescued from it.  I know a woman who had to evacuate, this during her lambing time.  Our vet has taken in two of the rescued dogs, and our hay supplier is supplying the evacuated animals at the Darrington rodeo grounds.  And I know quite a few people who live near Arlington that are horrified buy their local events.  We will be donating money to the relief efforts.  Not much else I can do except be sympathetic.  I am going to try to never complain about our mud again.

mudslide and Stilly river

(from Skagit Breaking facebook page)

In much less important news, the county finally replaced the section corner and fence they destroyed on our property last August.  The fence is actually quite nice.  Hopefully it will discourage unwanted visitors.

new fence and section corner



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